Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Welcome Friends to my little cigar box. I love the cigar box because it has always seemed to be a secret place to hide little what nots. Like photographs, small perfumes and little treasures that have meaning. So that is what this blog will be for me. Inside a good box of cigars you can find a block of cedar wood. This is one of the most devine masculine smells to me. it places me in a time where I would love to be..the Late 19th to Early 20th century up to the 1940's. I think in this box I shall place memories, poetry, fashion I like, postcards, and other sundries. I adore fashion, and find the 40's my favorite at the moment. It is very classic and seems to never go out of sytle. The music of this time is my favorite as well. I will be posting a music player of an assortment of music. I remember the old records my parents had. They seemed so much different than my own collection. A little dog and phongraph and much thicker. I adore watching the Golden Movies and may post a few I am currently watching. If you need me I will be in my dressing room curling my hair and putting on my favorite red lipstick. See you soon!!

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